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Jugadores con Beca

We are happy that we have brought more than 20 players to the US with at least a 50% scholarship thanks to our experience. Thanks to the training through our team of coaches.

The players need the level and increased performance to reach scholarships at the universities.

With the help of our partner DecoaSports we have contacts to universities in all US.

If you want to become a part of this opportunity, contact us and get the chance to study in the US at a low price.

Who went to the US:

Joan Oliver Perez

In 2014 Joan decided to go to the US thanks to a 90% scholarship.

"Studying here is the perfect way to continue to play tennis and to pursue an university career with a lot of future"

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Andreu Ferragut Lluch

Andreu went with a 80% scholarship in New York in december 2014.

"I enjoy every day here and I am very happy that I can study and that I continue playing with coaches at a high level"

St. Thomas Aquinas College

Benet Charles

Benet Charles got an offer for an 80% scholarship  to train and study in the US in 2015.

"I love Florida, the possibility to play tennis and to be able to continue playing tennis at a high level."

Saint Leo University

Jaime Martinez Vich

Jaime Martinez went to the Hawaii Pacific University with a 100% scholarship.

Hawaii Pacific University

Enej Hasicevic Lukac

Enej Hasicevic Lukac has received a 80% scholarship in 2015 from Saint Thomas Aquinas College.

"A big experience and the perfect combination to study and continue playing tennis."

Saint Thomas Aquinas College

Victor Appelqvist got an academic and tennis scholarship in 2014 at the University of Florida.

"I am here to continue playing tennis and to complete my studies."

Eckerd college

Iniaki Rivero Crespo

Iniaki went to the US in January of 2017 with a 100% scholarship and he is rather content how things have turned out. :-)

He is studying Astrology and Navigation-physics :-)

Virginia Commonwealth University

Africa Mota

Ganadora South Atlantic Conference 2017


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